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Find Your Niche, & Turn Your Blog

into a Buzzing,

Profitable Business


Have you ever seen super successful bloggers and wondered, “How on Earth are they making money?”

If you’ve been blogging and trying to make money online, it can be really frustrating to see people who popped out of nowhere already running their blog and online business full-time.

And if you’re newer to blogging, seeing other people’s revenue numbers can be totally intimidating.

You see people with massive social media followings who seem to be “living the blogger dream”... but for the life of you, you can’t figure out how they actually make such a significant amount of money with their business.

You’d love to get the same results, but now you’re second guessing if you’re an expert in your field? Do they have something you don’t? Nope!

You can do it, too. Just imagine...


Being the go-to leader in your niche and having hundreds (or thousands) of customers thanking you for helping them to get exactly what they wanted.


Blowing the cap off of your income goals and having a limitless income potential.


Finally being able to take amazing vacations, pay off your debt, and spend more time with your friends and family while working from home.


Making money for your creative work without having to actually trade hours for dollars.

You, too, can turn your blog and passion into a seriously profitable business without paid ads or one-on-one services.


is blogging dead?

(Nope! But it’s different)

Many, many years ago, it was easy to earn thousands per month from your blog by simply putting ads all over your site, using affiliate marketing, and doing sponsored posts.

Well...things have changed. 

These methods don't work the way they used to (unless you have millions of visitors and followers), and if you want to make real money with your blog, you need to adapt to the times.

Besides, if you’re building a following based on ads, you’re literally sending traffic away from your site once they get there. What’s the point of building a following, only to send people away?

The other common way people turn their blogs into a business is with one-on-one services.

Many people think that they need to work one-on-one first before they can create a profitable online course to prove they are an expert. Not the case.

One-on-one work limits you to trading hours for dollars.

There’s a limit on how much money you can make because you’re only one person. When I ran my former web designer studio, I was working long hours and often didn't take breaks on weekends...all because I needed to work more hours in order to hit my income goals.

If you do have a service-based business, don’t worry. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. It’s wonderful to offer services (I used to!), but wouldn’t you like to pop the cap on your income ceiling, help hundreds more people than you currently can, and work a whole lot less?


The secret to turning your blog into a profitable business is creating and selling online courses.

By using a specific system to create and launch online courses, I’ve turned my blog into a 7-figure business.

Yes, my blog business brings in over a million dollars per year. You just can’t do that with one-on-one services or ads (believe me, I tried!). 

I like to think of it this way: Grocery stores sell groceries. Mechanics sell auto repairs. And bloggers sell online courses.

here’s why bloggers are *the* best people to create and sell online courses:


You’re already sharing information on your blog – that’s virtually the definition of what a blog is! Online courses allow you to package up that information into a product that your audience will be dying to buy. It’s the natural next step.


With online courses, you become a leader in your industry and can create a business based on your skills and passion vs. ads and traffic. That’s more like it!


Your income potential is limitless. It takes you the same amount of time to make a course that sells 20 spots as it does a course that sells 2,000. And you can make a full-time income from your courses even with a small audience!

It takes hard work to make this happen, but it’s not overly complicated.
You can absolutely get results like me and my students have.


MEET Allie

Online Yoga Blogger and Teacher

Get this: after implementing the strategies from Blog to Biz Hive™, Allie launched her first course about yoga and meditation. That course earned $65,000 in just 3 weeks. Listen to the video to hear more about her incredible story (and what she and her husband are going to do with the money!).



Copic Marker Teacher

Mindy is in a very unique niche -- she teaches people how to use Copic markers in order to relieve stress. Using the strategies in BBH, Mindy was able to grow her email list to 2,500 subscribers and launch a Copic marker e-course that has earned over $3,000 in sales. Check out Mindy’s interview now.


meet lindsay

Etsy Shop Coach

After taking Blog to Biz Hive™, Lindsay’s traffic doubled every month for six months! She also hosted her first webinar, which earned $1,000 in e-course sales. Lindsay enrolled in BBH because her blog was new, but she had a vision and wanted to hit her goals as quickly as possible. Listen to her interview to learn more about her inspiring story!


Film-Making Teacher

Ela has just about the coolest niche. She teaches filmmakers how to make independent films. She’s also a triple threat: writer, director, and actor. Ela launched her first course using strategies from Blog to Biz Hive™ and earned $17k right out of the gate! Since then, she has earned more than $100k in her first year of going through the course. Her return on investment for BBH has been 100x. Take a listen to this video to learn more about her experience.

I created Blog to Biz Hive™ to give you the complete system I used to turn my passion into a thriving business.

I haven’t always had a successful blog and business. I know what it’s like to work constantly and feel like you’re getting nowhere or time is just flying out the window. Truuuust me.

When I started my blog, I was a busy teacher living in a 300-square-foot studio apartment on a tiny income. And I was working in a soul-sucking day job where I didn’t feel valued.

In other words, I. freaking. get. it.

And despite spending all of my time on my blog, willing it to grow, things weren’t moving fast enough.

I was so broke that I was using my friend’s bar cart as a desk because I both couldn’t afford an actual desk and didn’t have space for one. I had to check my bank account before buying the occasional Starbucks because I wasn’t sure I had enough money for a latte. There’s nothing fun about living on pennies.

But then, things changed.

In less than a year, I started to develop a system -- one that actually worked -- in order to turn my blog into a wildly successful business. Nine months into blogging, I was able to quit my day job to run my blog full time from anywhere in the world. I no longer had to stay in a certain location because my job was there.

Now, four years later, the community I’ve grown through my blog includes over 200,000 go-getters across the world. Not to mention, in four years, I was able to turn my blog into a multi-million dollar business… all because I learned how to use my blog as an insanely effective tool to help me build an online empire.


Blog to Biz Hive™ compiles the most powerful lessons and strategies I’ve learned into a fool-proof, step-by-step system that will turn your blog into a money-making biz.

In Blog to Biz Hive™, I’m showing you the exact strategies I’ve used and steps I’ve taken to grow my following to over 200,000 subscribers and a million dollars in annual income.

I believe your blog is your #1 asset. And I’m going to show you how to use it in order to increase your income, launch your first e-course and grow an engaged community that absolutely loves what you create.

Blog to Biz Hive™ is the only community and course you need to truly achieve your goals, grow your audience, and launch your first online course. And yes, we show you all the scary tech stuff, and make it simple! Let’s do this!

In Blog to Biz Hive™, you’ll learn how to create a buzzing, engaged community AND turn it into a full-time business by launching an online course. It’s kind of like two courses in one.


I’m a filmmaker who’s been teaching filmmaking (in-person), and making a modest living of it. Since taking the course, my email list of 3,000 grew to 4,500 (that’s a 50% increase), my email open rate is waaaay, way higher, and in my first little “baby trial launch”, which I launched as a practice run, I earned $17K. That’s roughly half of what I earned all of last year. And the thing is,  I honestly have only begun to scratch the surface of all the strategies presented in Melyssa’s course.

– Ela Thier

The Independent Film School

Cassie-Shay (1)-220px

We can honestly say that one of the BEST decisions we’ve made for our business growth (since its inception 2.5 years ago) was choosing to enroll in Blog to Biz Hive™! After implementing Melyssa’s strategies in BBH, we launched our course -- earning $18,000 in two weeks! A few months later, we launched our course again. This time, we earned over $100,000 and grew our email list by 500% in just 3 months! Melyssa's guidance has been invaluable to our accelerated growth and success.

If you’re ready to truly invest your time, money and energy into a system that will actually take your business to the next level, then this course will be your secret weapon!

Cassie & Shay

Bucketlist Bombshells


I hosted a JV Summit and added around 200 people to my email list in 4 days. I post weekly on YouTube and share the videos to my list weekly. I am also in the final stages of publishing my very first online course. The response from professionals has been amazing. Thanks, Melyssa for doing what you do in such an elegant & eloquent style.

– Alka

Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator


I had big results very quickly. 4 weeks after implementing the course, I went from 299 subscribers to 1,047. Another 4 weeks later, I’m hitting 1,800!

My traffic increased, too. I started at 3,900 pageviews, and within 3 months, I'm now hitting 17,500! The best of all is it’s converting between 3-6% of that traffic to a mailing list and it’s all free traffic.

– Lloyd

Debt and Finance Blogger


Because of BBH, I absolutely KILLED IT during my launch, and turned my yoga blog into a yoga business. I earned almost $70,000 during my three-week launch, gave my notice to leave my job, and now my hubby and I are planning to buy a sailboat and run our business around the world. I couldn't have done it without your courage and guidance. So much love and gratitude!

– Allie

Yoga Teacher and Blogger


4 months after taking BBH, I feel like I'm getting the kind of traffic that normally takes years to earn. I also grew my list to 900 subscribers (from zero) and it’s growing everyday.

I'm just so happy that I made the decision to join BBH. It was a big decision and an investment, but it was totally worth it.


Productivity + Organization Teacher


There was one video in Module 5 that changed my entire year and showed me how I was letting fear hold me back for months. Now, I'm so close to finishing everything for my launch -- the membership site is being constructed and the final videos have been uploaded. I’m almost ready to launch my course!

In short: that video helped me make immense progress with my course idea that I’d been “working on” for over a year previously. The video in Module 5 was only six minutes long, but it changed the entire year for me.

– Emilia

As a member of Blog to Biz Hive™ you’re going to:

Grow Your Audience

grow your audience

increase your traffic

Rule the Blog World

Your Hive

Nurture Your Hive

Become the
go-to expert

Become the go-to expert

Pick an
e-course idea

Pick an e-course idea

Create an

Create an e-course

Create Profitable Webinars

Create Profitable Webinars

Write high-powered launch emails

Launch your e-course

earn passive income in your sleep

Make it Passive

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the six modules:

Oh, bonuses?

Yeah, you’ll get plenty.

Over $3,000 worth of bonuses, if you’re keeping track.
Let’s take a peek at the extras you’re gonna get when you enroll:

BONUS: Plug and Play 10-Part Launch Email Sequence ($297 VALUE)


Plug and Play 10-Part Launch Email Sequence
($297 value)

As you'll learn in Blog to Biz Hive™, your email list is one of your most important assets. But sending “sales emails” during your course launch can be tricky, and the right emails can make the difference between blowing your income goals out of the water...or barely scraping by.

This 10-part sequence includes the exact language I’ve used to sell millions of dollars worth of courses to my audience.

And the best part? In this bonus, I completely guide you through everything you should say -- even including “fill in the blank” sections to make it all SUPER simple (and profitable) for you.

BONUS: Launch Planning Master Class + Schedules ($397 VALUE)


Launch Planning Master Class + Schedules
($397 value)

Have you ever launched a course or product? Maybe just the thought of that feels so overwhelming. Well, there can be a LOT of moving parts, even for more minimal launches. In this bonus, you’ll get two strategically mapped out launch master plans -- one that is perfect for beginners (and is easy to implement), and another that’s a little more advanced and extensive.

Both master plans include a checklist and calendar of events so you can be as organized as humanly possible.

You’ll also get access to a masterclass with my personal Project Manager, Dee Reller, who is a master at helping me plan and organize my own launches, and will help you do the same.



members-only facebook community
($297 value)

This private group is our “hive” headquarters and a wonderful place for you to ask questions, share your successes, and meet other ambitious online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Not to mention, Blog to Biz Hive™ members are savvy and well connected… these people could be future collab partners, networking connections, and more. Melyssa and her Community Managers will also be frequenting the Facebook group to make sure your questions get answered...and Melyssa will even surprise you sometimes with live Q&A sessions!

This amazing community will help hold you accountable to your blogging goals, and help you overcome the fear of putting yourself out there. Seriously, they are the most uplifting people I know.


I’ve launched my first paid e-course in Hebrew after implementing Melyssa’s mind-blowing strategies in BBH. I’m so pumped to say that the first 2-week course launch went great and I made over $30,000 selling my FIRST paid course!

It’s truly one of the best feelings in the world to see that the first digital product I created went so well!

I must say that I truly owe a huge part of this success to the Blog to Biz Hive™ course and community! The course taught me so much about marketing and the strategies I learned made this launch so powerful. Melyssa, thank you so much for that!

– Tamar

The Hedonistit


I launched my course last week and I made over $11,000 in my first week! Those sales are all from my email list. I still don’t feel like it's real. What’s even better is my customers love it! I’ve received emails about how much they enjoy the course and how it really speaks to them. That makes me so happy.

Thank you, Melyssa, for such a great course. I truly don’t think I would’ve been able to create my own course without the help of your course. Not only did it provide information, but it motivated me to keep going.

– Tammy

Organize Yourself Skinny


I’m not exaggerating when I say that Blog to Biz Hive™ completely changed my business. I signed up for the course because I wanted to take my blog seriously. Melyssa helped me realize that I needed to define exactly what my blog is about. Through the modules I learned about landing pages, email captures and design consistency and decided to hire a designer (and fellow Blog to Biz Hive™ student!) to revamp my site. Thanks to this course, I did that and implemented everything I learned.

In May 2017 my site won Best Pet Blog Design at the BlogPaws conference for pet bloggers and influencers! I have since landed many sponsored post opportunities, grown my email list and created a content library for my email subscribers to enjoy. I’m now going back through the content to see how I can apply the lessons to my other business and seeing great results there, too!

– Tori

Wear Wag Repeat


I had an unexpected win with this course. I have taken countless courses and this is the only one where I was able to build genuine friendships with some the other students. It has helped in being more accountable and pushed me beyond my (assumed) limits in making progress. I love that we can reach out to each other, in addition to Melyssa, to ask questions and get feedback. Holding regular discussions with my accountability partner, Anya, kept me on track and focused on my end goal.

– Sonali

Dream With Content


Goodness, every time I turn around, I find myself going back to the BBH course and retaking modules! Of all my educational investments, this course has been by far the most practical and useful!

When I began this course, I had an idea for a coaching business -- a name, really. That’s about it. In 6 months, I’ve used the course to build my core blog content, start building an email list using collaborative webinars, and have created regular income from my new business! I had my first $5k month recently due to Melyssa’s webinar techniques. I have invested into a coach and a mastermind, but keep coming back to this course to break down my high level ideas into action. It’s just that good!

– Stephanie

The Successful Creative

profile pic - Jennifer Corris

I am really so impressed with how professional all of Melyssa’s communications are, especially her videos. I have seen some with some other prominent bloggers (who also offer courses for how to make money from blogs), and they are really unprofessional and amateur compared to hers. It really makes me feel so much better about spending a large amount on a course like this.

– Jennifer Corris

Jenny Golding

Before taking Blog to Biz Hive™, our blog income (around $5000 a year) came from artwork sales. The biggest goal this course helped me achieve was actually building and launching the course. After going through the course, we had 65 students register and we made $19,200 in 7 days from our first course launch! The Blog to Biz Hive™ course and community gave me the motivation, skills and a time-saving roadmap to make it happen. There’s no way I could have learned so much and implemented this course by learning all the skills on my own!

– Jenny Golding

A Yellowstone Life

Most blogs fail.

I’m going to show you how to be the exception.

It’s not about luck. And that’s a good thing.

Creating a profitable blog is about learning and implementing the proven strategies for turning your blog into a business.

As it turns out, successful bloggers have a few tricks up their sleeves. Wouldn’t you like to know how they do it? I can’t wait to share them with you in Blog to Biz Hive™.


My blog traffic literally doubled every single month for 6 months! It’s crazy. I also followed the step-by-step system exactly how you outlined it in the course and made $1,000 on my first webinar!

I took BBH because I did not have the time to figure this out myself. It would have taken me hours and hours to figure all of this out on my own. So, when Blog to Biz Hive™ came out, it’s exactly what I needed! It’s been a game changer.


Etsy Shop Strategist


Since joining Blog to Biz Hive™, I’ve tripled my traffic, grew my email list to 2,500 subscribers, and made $3,000 from my course launch.

I followed other bloggers and they were teaching me things that weren’t working. I was getting no traffic and I didn’t have any products to sell. Now I’m getting tons of traffic and subscribers after implementing all of the strategies in Melyssa’s BBH course.

I fully, 100% trust everything Melyssa teaches so I decided to join her course and I’m so glad I did. I would join again in a heartbeat!

– mindy

Copic Marker Teacher


Since signing up for BBH, my blog traffic has doubled each month, my Pinterest account is on fire, and I have a newsletter system in place. And you wanna know the best part? I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours searching the internet trying to find the answers.

Melyssa does an A+ job explaining everything you need to turn your blog into your business while making it fun. Now that I’m gaining followers, seeing insane blog growth, and most importantly understand what in the heck I am doing, I’m planning my first course and I cannot friggin’ wait to release it! 

– Meagen

Graphic Designer


BBH changed everything for me. Before the course, I left my corporate job to work on my calligraphy business, Loveleigh Loops. I was teaching calligraphy workshops with my sister in person, as well as selling digital workbooks online through our Etsy shop. I had distant dreams of creating an online version of our class, but didn’t know anything about the technology side of it, or how we would get people to sign up.

I launched my first online course and within 2 weeks, we made $5,400! I was floored. When I first enrolled, we were asked to create a goal for our business. I decided that I wanted to have a 5-figure launch, thinking that would be impossible. In February 2018, we achieved that goal with a $16K launch. Overall, we’ve earned over $50K from our online courses. I’ve even successfully launched a calligraphy font, selling over 70 copies in the first 3 days! I could not have gotten the results so quickly if I hadn’t taken BBH. We have a very engaged community and our email list and social media followers are growing every day. Thanks, Melyssa!

– Jillian Reece



My favorite part about the course that it helped me to stay connected with the community of like-minded people. I found my best friend here and I LOVED getting all the answers to the questions I had and all the wonderful support from Melyssa, the team, and BBH members.

This is the only course I recommend to my fellow colleagues, clients and friends who want to have a blog, a business, or create a community. I would take the class over and over again (in fact, I did!). Highly recommend BBH to anyone skeptical - it's worth every penny and minute of your effort.

– Anya Perry

Po Tim King

Blog to Biz Hive has helped me so much with my blog and creating my first online course to show my audience how to teach Chinese at home. Melyssa has provided so many tips, guides and step-by-steps instructions for me to accomplish it. Even though I’m not a native English speaker and I’m not very techy, I’m excited I could create an online course, promote it, and earn some extra income for my family. I followed the strategies in Blog to Biz Hive to pre-launch my course and I welcomed 25 students into my course and made $2,132 in my first launch! I couldn't be happier!

– Po Tim King

Hayley Paige Johnson

Before we enrolled in Blog to Biz Hive™, we had no idea what it took to create an online course, build an email list, or how to sell an online course. The lessons on what to do during the launch were especially helpful cause launching was probably the most daunting aspect of it all. Thanks to Blog to Biz Hive™ we welcomed 135 students on our first launch, which translates to over $40k in sales! If you’re looking for the exact steps necessary to build a successful online course, Blog to Biz Hive™ is the course to take!

– Doug & Hayley Johnson

Once you have the skills from Blog to Biz Hive™, it’ll be so much easier to multiply your income again and again.

The whole point of Blog to Biz Hive™ is to show you how to grow your audience and then create a scalable, digital course that will make your money back many times over. This is why it’s called a business investment, it will come back full fold. The best part is you don’t need to over-complicate this whole business thing. I won’t lie: the system takes time + work to implement, but anyone can do it (no matter how long you’ve been blogging or which niche you’re in!).

Blog to Biz Hive™ includes four years of strategies and lessons that have helped me use my blog to grow a community of over 200,000 and an annual income of over a million dollars.

I’ve done the work of experimenting, researching, and implementing and now you have the opportunity to steal my strategies to create your own online empire. Think about how much time and money you’d save by joining Blog to Biz Hive™… by finally knowing the exact path you need to take to reach success.

Join now to take advantage of a system that works and start rapidly growing your blog’s audience and income, so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Are you willing to wait another year to grow your audience and turn your blog into a business or do you want to start having big wins right NOW?

Blog to Biz Hive™ is for you if you want to create a profitable blog over the next few months.

You’re going to fall head over heels for Blog to Biz Hive™ if…

  • You have a blog (or a blog idea) that you’re passionate about and would LOVE if you could turn it into your full-time income. Some of my past students include those in the health and nutrition, design, k-12 education, business, art, travel, and sewing niches.
  • You’re interested in selling e-courses, but you don’t know where to begin or how to create and sell them.
  • You’ve struggled to grow your audience or engagement and just wish people cared more about what you create.
  • You’re SO OVER wasting time trying outdated strategies you found on random websites, feeling overwhelmed, and not knowing if you’re doing things right. You want a system that works and is relevant for this day and age.
  • You’ve been trying to make money online for a while now, and you’re frustrated and feeling like you’re “not cut out” for success. It’s not true!

I have to be honest. You’re not going to love Blog to Biz Hive™ if you’re looking for a way to “get rich quick”.

The Blog to Biz Hive™ system works incredibly well and is much, much faster than trying to figure everything out on your own, but only if you’re willing to put in the time and do the tasks.

I aim to make things as SIMPLE as possible, because I know that many of my students have full-time jobs, children, or other obligations, but you need to be willing to do the work, too.

This course is also best for people who already have a blog -- even a brand new one -- and want to take it to the next level ASAP.

Here are some good signs that you should not join Blog to Biz Hive™


You want something that will show you how to earn money from sidebar ads and brand sponsorships. This is a course about building YOUR brand, not someone else's.

Asset 19

You don’t have a blog and don’t plan to start one anytime soon. (It’s okay if you don’t have a blog YET...but you should plan to start one soon after joining the course).


You’re looking for something that will help you earn oodles of cash overnight without having to do much of anything (good luck with that).

MEET Ashley

Signed With Heart

Ashley’s story is absolutely incredible, and she’s not only making money, but impacting the world. After taking Blog to Biz Hive™, she was able to make $16,000 teaching her course on fingerspelling to help others effectively communicate with people who have a hearing disability. Check out her video to learn more!


MEET Elizabeth

Productivity + Organization Teacher

Elizabeth went through BBH as a full-time mom, grad/PhD student, and Amazon shop it's safe to say she's a busy woman! Yet, in a few months, she grew her list from 0 to 1,300+ and her traffic from 30 to 1,000 pageviews per day. Check out her interview to hear great insights on how to achieve success online even when you're crazy busy.


MEET Rachel

Food Photography Teacher

Rachel used the strategies in Blog to Biz Hive™ to launch a course that helped food bloggers and food professionals take better photos! In just two DAYS, she was able to make over 70 sales of her course, earning her $12,000. Listen to the interview to learn more about her launch and the other results she saw from the course!

MEET Carla

Online Marketing & Instagram Coach

Within 1 year of taking BBH, Carla went from making $0 in her business to making $5K months. She went from never having written a single blog post and 0 subscribers on her email list, to enrolling over 200 PAYING students in her signature course “Instagram Secrets To Success”. As a result, she grew her list from 0 to over 3K engaged subscribers!



Sewing + Fashion Design Teacher

Eve was worried that you can only make money from e-courses if you teach people how to make money online. But since starting BBH as a sewing and fashion instructor, she's added 260 people to her e-course waitlist in preparation of her upcoming launch. Watch her interview to hear about her specific stats and major growth.

It’s ok if you’re nervous or have doubts. Once you get inside Blog to Biz Hive™, it’ll all start to click together.

When you see the lessons and strategies in Blog to Biz Hive™, you’ll have so many “aha” moments that you’ll want to get to work right away.

It makes me so ecstatic when I see that lightbulb go on for BBH students so quickly because here’s what I know for sure:

It’s time for you to turn your blog into a profitable system and community where you get to help people, where you’re seen as a leader and expert, and where you’re able to dramatically grow your income to completely change your financial situation.

This is your chance to follow your dreams, to help hundreds (if not thousands!) of people, and to earn an income that will allow you to spend your time in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass.
It’s time to take action.

So who is this Blog + Biz expert showing you the ropes?

Hey! I’m your teacher, Melyssa Griffin.

I help online entrepreneurs and bloggers love their life again. I do this by teaching complex blogging and business strategies in simple, step-by-step ways, and helping my students create well-rounded, happy lives. I’ve tried almost every business model out there, like selling handmade greeting cards, collaborating with big brands, and running a six-figure web design studio.

Now, as an online course instructor, I’ve taught more than 10,000 paid course students and have grown my business into a multi-million dollar empire. My email list is also home to over 200,000 people. And I’ve done all of this by using my blog as the foundation of my empire.

But things weren’t always so sweet. Back when I started my blog, I was living on $30k/year as a school teacher, feeling lost, uncreative, and bored out of my mind. What started on a whim quickly grew to become one of the most powerful decisions of my life and I’m grateful every day for this business and community I’ve created online.

So even if you’re new to blogging, have an audience of 1 (your mom), or have no idea what to create a course about, Blog to Biz Hive™ will become your online academy for creating the kind of life you've always dreamed of having.

My courses + work have been featured in...


You get 14 Days to test drive Blog to Biz Hive™.
If you don’t love it, I’ll give you a full refund.

Not sure if Blog to Biz Hive™ is right for you? Well, I’m giving you two whole weeks to try my strategies. If you reach out within 14 days after enrollment to let me know that you’re not seeing any growth with the program, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of Blog to Biz Hive™ and I want you to see how game-changing this course can be, risk-free.

Are you ready to take a leap and turn your blog into a business?

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.



Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of


  • Entire Blog to Biz Hive Course

  • Plug and Play 10-Part Email Sequence

  • Launch Planning Master Class + Schedules

  • Facebook Community for Students

Pay In Full

1 payment of


  • Entire Blog to Biz Hive Course

  • Plug and Play 10-Part Email Sequence

  • Launch Planning Master Class + Schedules

  • Facebook Community for Students

You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like.